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Gymnastics is a very important skill to the sport of cheerleading.  It is required for most high school and college level teams.  Starting your child in our youth cheer program can have them build the success they will need to carry their skill on to their teenage and young adult years.



ARE Athletes TOO!


Contrary to what many believe, cheerleading's reputation is changing rapidly to become a more athletic activity.  ESPN supports and has supported cheer as a sport for many years hosting it on their broadcasting stations.  And now the World Olympics has added cheerleading to the list of competing sports!  Even major universities and college campuses offer scholarships to cheer athletes.  Cheer has moved up to be a competitive sport, yes SPORT, and now is the time to train your child for what can be an active future in latter levels.

Franklin County Youth Cheerleading is the team to build your child's skills in the world of cheerleading.  Each level they participate from pee wee to senior, they will improve to the high school level. FCYCheer prepares teammates to have the confidence, strength and skill to tryout for teams when they reach high school.

  Aim for a Perfect 10   


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April 15th - May 23

Welcome, young athletes, to our 4th annual Youth Cheerleading Spring Clinic! Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned member, we're excited to embark on this journey together. Over the coming weeks, we'll learn the basics of cheerleading, improve our skills, and most importantly, have a blast! With dedicated coaches and a focus on teamwork and sportsmanship, this clinic is not just about the sidelines but also about personal growth. So, let's hit the field, give it our all, and make this spring clinic an unforgettable experience!

Click button below to register or learn more about our spring clinic.  Football clinic is also available.  Please click here for our Youth Football Spring Clinic.



Do you have a child in grades 3rd to 8th interested in learning the sport of football?  Sign ups for Fall 2023 are currently closed.  Click the link below to check up on team updates!

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