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Franklin County Youth Cheer


1. All Home Games will be played on Veterans Field at Greenfield High School as scheduled below or specified otherwise.  Saturday night is as follows PW - 4:30p, JRS - 5:30p, and SRS - 6:45p.
  • PeeWee Games start at 12PM. 
  • Junior Games start at 1PM.
  • Senior Games start at 2:15PM.

2. PeeWee Cheer must arrive to game day field 15 minutes before game.
3. Junior & Senior Cheer must arrive to game day field 30 minutes before game to dynamic stretch and warm up.
4. Bring all cheer gear (team jacket, liners, leggings, bows, poms, etc.) to games in case changes are made.

Click date to get directions to game.

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